Felted Coffee Cuffs

I started working on some felted pieces that I am planning on putting in the store in time for Christmas shopping. I made three coffee cuffs today. I haven’t done any “small” felting for a while now since I’ve been working on the yurt. It seems I have forgotten a few things. Or perhaps I was just in a hurry šŸ™‚

Layout Coffee CuffsHere are the three cuffs laid out. I did a very quick layout which is always a mistakeĀ in my opinion. The more time you take with laying out your fibers, getting them even etc. the better the end result. But I didn’t do that.

Butterfly Layout

I used a few of the prefelt butterfly cutouts that I had in my stash, indigo dyed merino and yellow/orange silk noil.

Green LayoutThis is the same batt that I used for my umbrella tree. It’s got a bunch of different fibers in there and I can’t remember what all I used.

Orange LayoutThis is an old batt as well. One that I originally used for making slippers. It’s mainly merino and silk noil if I remember correctly. Anyways, when I wet these down, they spread out all over the place and I kept getting ridges when I tried to roll them. So I just ended up doing it all by hand and rubbing them. I fulled them very tightly and put them over a paper coffee cup to dry.

Finished Cuffs

Here they are. They have very organic edges. Usually I do a bit better job with the edges but they will work.

Finished Orange CuffI really like the colors of this one, very autumn colors.

Finished Butterfly CuffThis one turned out better than expected. I don’t really care for butterfly motifs that much.

Finished Green CuffThis photo doesn’t show the variation in colors very well. Perhaps it needs a little hand stitching? But I don’t want to spend too much time on it so I can keep them affordable. I plan on making more of these and the next project will be Kindle and I-pad covers. I also did some free motion stitching on one of my leaf printed scarves and it looks much better. I’ll post about that over at The Fiber and Felting blog next week.

Green Fiber Transformed

Or perhaps I should say permutated? My friend Deb told me that she was impressed with my “50 cent” word “Permutations” but that it sounded just like me. Thanks Deb! Anywho, I have been turning the dyed fibers into batts. This is one of my favorite parts. I love those nice fluffy batts when they come right off the carder. These have merino wool, silk noil, banana fiber, Tencel, flax, cashmere and angora fibers.

Green Batts


I added in some reds and pinks to liven up the greens a bit. I can’t wait to see how these look when they are felted.

Batt Close up


The close up photos just didn’t turn out well. I need to work out this macro business on my camera.