Glacier Lilies and Pow Wow

Last week I showed you the start of my Glacier Lilies painting. I worked most of the day on it and I’m still not finished.

I finished cutting out the flower resists. These are on freezer paper so then I ironed them down to the canvas. They didn’t stay completely stuck down but it was enough to hold them in place while I painted over them.

I then used a variety of green paint and sponged over the top of the resists. The photo on the right shows the piece after I pulled off the freezer paper resist.

I then used tracing paper over the canvas and drew in the leaves. The photo on the right shows the freezer paper stencil that I cut to paint the leaves. I used a darker green paint for the leaves and sponged it through the stencil. Then I painted the stems that were still red/purple with a brush.

This is how far I have gotten. Now I want to add some outlines around the flowers. leaves and stems. I want it to look “sketchy” so I’m trying to decide what to use to achieve that effect. I was originally thinking I would use a black marker but maybe I’ll try charcoal or some type of pencil. Any suggestions?

I also promised some Pow Wow photos. I was a little disappointed because there weren’t that many dancers participating. But here are a few of the photos.

Water Lily Stencils

I made another stencil today. This one is of a water lily. I got the design from a photo I took at the Botanical Gardens in NYC. I turned the photo into a black and white rendition and played around a bit with it in Photoshop. Then I used it to design this stencil.

Water Lilly Stencils

I made the stencil in two parts so it would be easier to use two different colors. I had some previously screen printed paper from a session of deconstructed screen printing. So I used that for the background.

Water Lily Stencil in My Sketch Book

And here’s my rendition of a water lily. I liked how it came out on the background as the blue tended to affect the white paint and give it more depth. So I cut it to fit into my sketch book and added it to a page that was already colored in my sketch book. It’s like I planned it 🙂

Another Stencil

I’m still working on my next online class and one of the aspects of that class is making stencils. I decided to do a more complex stencil and cut it out with a heat tool. So I used my sketch of a pine cone and developed the stencil from that sketch.

sketchbook pine cone cropped

Here’s the original sketch. I was originally going to try to cut all the pine cone shapes but I decided it would be better with just the outside lines. It would look more like a sketch.

Pine Cone Stencil

The stencil is to the left and then two sketchbook pages that I printed are on the right. I didn’t take a lot of time printing these thus getting ink and paint under the stencil since I was in a hurry. But I think that the pine cone still looks like a pine cone and the “blobby” bits just add more dimension to the stencil. Haven’t tried printing on felt yet with this one, that’s the next step. Have a great weekend.

Layered Paper and New Stencil

I saw a video on Facebook this week using layering of stencils by Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl. I decided to try the process out today. I already had some papers that could be used for backgrounds. I don’t have very many stencils that are just patterns though. So I had to  make do with what I had.

The photo on the left is where I started and the photo on the right is finished. I used my stencil that is based on bark but actually always looks more like an animal print. It’s an easy technique. You just keep using the same stencil and different paint colors. You keep moving the stencil into different positions and layering paint.

The next one used a painted sketchbook page and then using a commercial flower stencil. I didn’t do as much layering on this one. It’s an interesting technique that I think makes some great paper for collage and art journal pages.

Wild Geranium Inspiration Photo

This is a wild geranium that grew in my flower bed. I decided to use this photo to create a stencil.

On the left, I added it to one of my already painted backgrounds. You can see the stencil on the right side of that photo. The photo on the right shows the stencil using ink from stamp pads on to scrap paper, very wrinkled scrap paper. Still working on my online stencil and print class if you couldn’t tell 🙂


Playing with Paint

I decided to make some snowflake stamps and stencils today. I wanted to finish up a page in my sketchbook that I had started that had a winter poem on it.

Sticky Foam Snowflake Stamps

I transferred the designs on to paper backed sticky foam and started cutting. These were a bit intricate and took a while to cut out.

Stamps and Designs

Here’s the five stamps I made. I used copyright free clip art I found online for the designs.

Snowflake Stencil Design

I had planned on using this design as a stamp but then I decided it would work much better as a stencil.

Stencil Design Drawn

I traced it on to the stencil plastic.

Stencil Cut

And cut it out with my trusty X-acto knife.

Peel Off Paper Backing

I peeled the paper off the back of the stamps and put them down on clear plastic.

Paper Backing

I liked how the paper looked all curled up after peeling it off the stamps.

Painted Page

I decided to paint some papers blue first and then I would work from there. I didn’t take a photo of the paper just blue but while the paint was still wet, I put the stamp down on to the wet paint. I didn’t add any extra paint, just the dry stamp. And the photo above shows what happened. The stamp caused the paint to darken where the stamp was placed.

Back of Page

And the stamps even showed through to the back side of the paper. I really like this effect and will definitely try this again with other stamps.

Snowflakes 3

Here’s one of the pages after drying.

Snowflakes 1

I then added some white paint and some light blue paint with the stamps and stencils.

Snowflakes 2

It snowed most of the day here today so I’m sure that must have influenced how these pages turned out.

Winter Grace

Here’s the page that I originally planned to work on. The poem is called Winter Grace by Patricia Fargnoli. You should be able to read it if you click on the photo to enlarge it.


And I finished up a few of the pages that I had started before. I added a quote to the iris page.

Roses with Leaves

Added some leaves to my roses.


And colored in my ghost flowers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate all your comments and support.