I promised to show you some of the prints that I created from the rubber stamps that I carved in class. I didn’t include all of them because there were loads of prints. We spent one full day creating prints.

The one on the left is the first tree stamp that I created. The photo on the right is both stamps combined. I wanted to get a variety of tree branch size and give it some depth. I was happy with how the two stamps combined into one print.

Here are some other prints I made with the tree stamps.

This one was from a texture stamp I created. I had no idea I was creating a landscape until I printed it.

Here are some of the ideas for using the little stamps.

This is the round stamp that I started with just to practice my carving skills. I like the layered look of this one.

This one is gold ink over a mottled background with a texture stamp. Now I have to decide how I am going to extend or add to these prints as well as including them in collages. Lots of homework between now and March. I better get busy!

Lino Cut Stamps

Still working away on my next online class so I made a few smaller stamps (about 2″ diameter). I started with a geometric one that I forgot to get a photo of because I didn’t really like it all that much. Then I made one that looked more like a dandelion seed head. That got me going on seed pods so I made a different one.

Pod Stamps

Here are the stamps with their prints on paper. I think I will make a few more of these seed related ones.

Pod Stamps on Felt

Here I tested them out on a scrap piece of felt. I printed these with screen printing ink instead of thickened dye since I didn’t have time to get that all set up. I also worked today on some free motion machine stitching on felt which I will post about on Sunday over at The Felting and Fiber Studio.