Lazertran Decals and Transfers

Our local surface design group met today and we played with a product new to us called Lazertran. Bunny took care of ordering all the supplies and figuring out what we needed. Basically this is a transfer process so we all came with photographs to transfer.

Carole did a demo for us. These are the decal type Lazertran sheets. They can be applied to smooth surfaces such as glass, tile or even wood. Once the Lazertran sheet is printed in the computer, it is soaked in plain water and the paper backing is removed. Then it is applied directly to the tile. Once it has dried, the item is baked in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Aren’t Carole’s great grand kids cute?

The other process that you can use with Lazertran is to apply it to fabric. There is a specific Lazertran sheet for silk, for white fabric, for black fabric and for decals. The instructions are all different with each kind. So it gets a little confusing. Once the Lazertran sheet is printed, the white borders are cut off. For the silk variety, you iron the Lazertran to the fabric and then soak it in water to remove the paper backing. Here’s Louise showing off her creation. This is a photo of one of her original pieces of artwork.

The Lazertran sheets for other fabric has you peel the paper backing off first and then ironing it to the fabric. The left hand photo shows a photo of Paula’s mother and the right hand photo is a decal on a tile of Sally’s original artwork. I only ended up making one piece and I have a couple more that I will probably do here at home. The hand of the fabric is really changed by the decals and they are quite shiny and have the look of plastic. I couldn’t decide what I would do with any of these as they aren’t really my style. But perhaps I can figure out what to put my decal on eventually. Have you used Lazertran before? Did you like it?