Holiday Cards for Elizabeth

Each year on the Felting and Fiber Studio Forum we have a holiday card exchange. This year, Elizabeth and I are partners to swap cards. I made several cards and decided to send her two since I couldn’t decide which was the best one. I used the felt that I made for the 4th quarter challenge and a piece of felt that was screen printed and then over dyed. The over dyeing was a bit dark so you can barely see any screen printing at this point. But it makes a nice background. I then appliqued the cut pieces of machine thread felt down to the background.


I added a star and a trunk and some beads for ornaments.


And then I made a really wonky tree with a Angelina star and bead garland. I forgot to take photos before I sent these away but luckily Elizabeth took photos for me. I stitched the background felt to a paper note card on the machine. The felt does tend to stretch a bit so I should have added stabilizer to keep it from stretching but I guess a bit more wonkiness never hurt anyone! Have a good weekend.