New Work to BACC

I took a trip to Bigfork today to drop off some new work for the Christmas season.

I created three new smaller pieces (5″ x 7″) since those seem to sell quickly. This one is called Summer Dreams.

This one is Solitude.

And the last one is Autumn Dreams.

I also took this much larger one (18″ x 24″) called Overlook.

This water lily piece that is called Tranquility (12″ x 12″).

And this piece which is called The Trail of the Cedars (18.5″ x 15.25″).

Here’s a close up of the stitching.

So if you’re in the area and you’re looking for some great gifts, check out BACC in Bigfork, MT.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all staying safe and have a great holiday season!

This and That

Today we went to Deb’s house to add more layers to our experimental watercolors we made at my house about a month ago. I didn’t get any photos of the artwork but take a look at Deb’s pens.

You can’t even see all the colors here. Serious pen envy.

I have a new addition to the studio. I bought a used easel from one of my friends. It takes up way too much space but I want to continue on this painting journey I have been on so I thought it was a good time to get an easel.

I finally finished stitching my cedar trees. They will have a matt so I’ve photographed them with croppers. Now I need to find a new hand stitching project to work on.


Water Lily Complete

I finished stitching the water lily piece and got it stapled to the 12″ x 12″ canvas.

Water Lily Complete

I can’t decide if I should put a frame around it or just leave it as is.

Water Lily Side View

What do you think? I am almost finished with the Print, Stencil, Play with Thickened Dye on Felt. I will be making an announcement about the class very soon. Glad it’s finished!

Finished Crazy Quilt Pillow

I finished the crazy quilt pillow. I added more stitching covering more of the center portion of the pieced sections. I even added a spider.

Finished Crazy Quilt Pillow

I found some coordinating fabric for the back and made an envelope style back so a pillow can be slipped easily in and out.

Crazy Quilt Pillow Close Up

Here’s a little closer view of the center. This was a great way to learn some new stitches and finish a UFO.

Back of the Crazy Quilt Pillow

Here’s the back. Right now the pillow inside is one of our couch cushions so I need to get a pillow insert but otherwise it is finished. I am happy to have finished this project that has been sitting around for several years now. Mark one off my list.

The Muses of Produce

I worked all day today on stitching my caricatures that I blogged about on the Felting and Fiber Studio. I thought it would only take me about 4 hours but I kept getting phone calls and it took me all day. Sigh. So I thought I’d show you this finished piece that I am donating to an auction.


It is called The Muses of Produce and is a diptych. I made this ages ago but I finally framed it on black canvas.


It is from fabric that I made with my local group several years ago. We printed with veggies and fruit. The “muses” were printed with a half of a walnut or a pecan, I can’t remember which. But they looked like little angels to me.


I hand stitched with green and black thread. The patterns were made with apples, pomegranates, cabbage, peppers and onions.


There’s lots of tiny seed stitches and the outlines are done with stem stitch. These are going to be sent off to an auction soon. I wonder if they will sell or not?



Here’s a sneak peak of the stitching that I did today. I will blog about the entire piece on The Felting and Fiber Studio on Halloween. Hope it won’t be too scary for you 🙂