Glacier Lilies Complete

I finished the Glacier Lilies painting. I added the outlines with a black marker in a “sketchy” fashion. To me that means imperfect lines and going over the line several times. So a bit messy, but overall you don’t even notice that. I also added a bit of yellow ink for highlighted areas.

Here’s the finished piece. You can click on the photo to get a larger version.

And here are a few details so you can see the outlines a little better. It was a fun method of painting by cutting paper resists and stencils plus lots of layers.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend.

Freezer Paper Resists and Stencils

Part of my homework is to use freezer paper to make resists and stencils and then create a piece on paper with them. I have done several and this one I was thinking of waves when I cut out the design.

I applied the resist to blue paper and then painted white over the top. But then when it was dry, I could only see one thing in it and it wasn’t waves.

It was a “Picasso” head. Left side with a nose and the right side with a big open mouth. Hair on top, shoulders on the bottom. I think this might have been because I was doing some research on lino cut prints and I had looked at several by Picasso. So I decided to do a take on a Picasso lino cut. But I didn’t want to cut the stamp as I was only planning on using it once. So I decided I would make freezer paper stencils to achieve a similar effect.

Here’s the design I came up with. You can see the head underneath the pencil drawing. Now to cut the stencil. Because I have had some issues with bigger freezer paper stencils either tearing or getting wrinkled up as I ironed them to the surface, I decided to make this in several stencils instead of just one.

So I made four separate stencils which I could apply one at a time and hopefully it would create a cleaner print. Now I am deciding what paint colors to stencil. I had originally thought I would use dark blue for all the stencils. But then I thought maybe orange hair would be fun. But then I can’t decide if other parts should be different colors too. I think I need to go back and take a further look at the colors in Picasso’s lino cut prints. How many colors did he use? What color combinations? What would you suggest?