Colored Pencil Drawing and More Felt Leaves

I have been stitching a felt leaf every morning for our Big Ski Chair Affair project. It’s a little nerve racking because if the needle hits the wire base, the needle breaks. I have broken four needles so far. It always happens when I try to speed up a bit or don’t pay enough attention.

Felt Leaves

Here’s the leaves I finished. I haven’t added any veins. I am going to check with the other ladies before I do. Maybe the small ones don’t need any?

Blending Colored Pencils

I’m still working on my colored pencil drawing. It takes a lot of time. You can see in the upper left corner that I am blending the background. I am using odorless mineral spirits and applying a tiny bit with a brush. And it works! The colored pencil layers blend and cover the white of the paper.

First Layer Blended

Here it is after the first layer is blended including the leaves. I haven’t started on the water lily itself yet. Trying to learn how this works before I make a mess of the flower.

Background Blended

And here is the water with a couple more darker colored pencils added. It definitely gives richer colors than just using colored pencils alone. You don’t push down hard with the pencils, just do a light circular stroke to cover the page. That way you don’t damage the tooth of the paper. Next, I will add more layers and details to the leaves. Once I finish the leaves, I will try the flower.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

The Big Ski Chair Affair

I can’t remember if I have talked about this project here or if I said something about it over at The Felting and Fiber Studio. But one of the non-profit organizations where I am a volunteer was looking for a new fund-raiser. The idea came up to have artists “decorate” a ski lift chair and then auction them off. The organization provides transportation to and from the ski hill so it seemed like a good fit. Guess who’s in charge of the fund-raiser? Not sure why I say yes to these things but I just need one more thing to do!


This is what the chairs look like now and they are big, over seven feet long. And because yes, I need to do more than just be the head of the fund-raising event, our group decided to decorate a chair. So we are working on a proposal for the chair and yesterday, we started making some elements for the chair.


Here’s a sketch of our proposal. The seat benches will be covered with eco printed felt, there will be felt rocks under one side and a bower of leaves climbing up the overhead support. We started working on the leaves. Some are made from copper wire, some from flat copper, some from felt and some with machine stitched threads.

Here we are working away at Louise’s house. Louise already has all the metal smithing tools so she showed us how to use them and off we went.


It was fun pounding, stringing beads and shaping our leaves.


Here’s all the leaves we created. There are a couple of thread leaves and one felt leaf in there too.

Here’s a little closer view of what the leaves will look like. The wire ones without anything in them aren’t done. Some will turn into felt or thread stitched leaves, others will get beaded wires wrapped around them. Deb pointed out to us partway through that we needed some larger leaves since the chair is so big and the smaller ones would be really disproportionate. So we made a few bigger ones. We have lots more to go so I’m sure we’ll have all kinds of sizes by the time we’re finished. I’ll keep you updated on how the project is going. I have never worked on a project this big or collaboratively so it is going to be fun and I’m sure I will learn a lot.

We have to turn in a proposal and get it accepted but we are kind of getting ahead of ourselves. But I’m sure it will work out in the end. I have made a Facebook page for the fund-raiser. I would appreciate it if you’d go and like the page and spread the word. We are still looking for other artists in the Flathead Valley of northwest Montana to participate.

Free Motion Stitching On Felt

Still busy working away on my next online class. I’ve been writing, editing photos and making samples.

Stitched Leaves on Felt

I stitched some leaves on this multi colored felt. It was printed on the back but wasn’t the best so I thought it would be great for these leaves.

Oak Leaf with Acorns

I cut them out and now I’m thinking of what I will do with them. Just happened to have a few acorns to add!

Nuno Felted Flower with Leaf

This flower was nuno felted. I think it still needs a few beads in the center if I’m going to use it with this leaf. How would you use felt leaves?