Water, Water, Everywhere

I had company all week long and we were busy skiing and having fun. We skied 30,000 vertical feet on Friday. But I did have a bit of time to work on my homework for Level 3 Art & Design. I’m not sure I followed the directions very well as I was supposed to find the “line” in water. I just ended up drawing water.

It’s a little hard to scan these in as they are pencil drawings. Hopefully, you can see the drawings. You can click on them to enlarge if you’d like. So I started with pencil line drawings.

Then I added in more value changes to the same drawings. I made a bit of an error on the last row as I didn’t put them in the same order. Oops.

I’m still working on this page where I am adding color to the water.

And then I decided to try to stick with more line and less filling in of the entire little block of space. These look so cartoonish to me that I have a hard time with that style. Have you ever tried to draw water?