Getting Ready

It will soon be time again for my art group’s annual retreat. So in preparation, Deb and I started the process for deconstructed screen printing. Deb will be writing a longer post about this over on the Felting and Fiber Studio in September so I won’t show you very many photos but this will give you a taste of what we did this morning.

We had seven screens to cover with dye and a bunch of different things to create texture in the screens. We worked outside since the process is kind of messy.

And here’s some of the screens drying. I am looking forward to how these screens will print. It is always a surprise with deconstructed screen printing as it has a mind of its own.

And while we were outside, I spotted these Columbine leaves turning colors. I love the color combination here. I can always find something inspirational in nature.

Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.


Preparing Screens

I prepared a bunch of screens for deconstructed screen printing. We had the printing session this afternoon and I’ll show you results later.

Set up for Deconstructed Screens

I did buy a new screen recently and it’s ready to get for dye.

First Screen

I used a syringe to apply dye to this one. I let if dry and then added some background colors as well. Forgot to get a photo though.

Second Screen

Here’s another one where I used a syringe and a large dry brush to apply dye. Again, I let it dry and added more background color. No photo of this one either.

Third Screen

Here’s one where I used the dry brush only.

Soy Wax Screen

This one I used soy wax on a variety of circular objects.

Soy Wax Screen with Dye Added

I then added dye and let that dry.

Louise's Screen

This is a screen that Louise made. Cool, isn’t it? We had a fun session screen printing today. I have to wash out the fabric before I take photos. Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Deconstructed Screen Printing

My local surface design group met this afternoon and we screened tons of prints from the screens that I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I also had added some thickened dye to my paper lamination screens and Louise brought some screens with dried dye as well. We had a blast. These photos are either of wet prints or partially deconstructed screens. The ones that I made 2 weeks ago did take a while to break down since they had dried for a while.

This isn’t even close to the number of pieces we printed. I will show you more once they have been washed. This is one of the techniques that we keep coming back to because we love the unpredictable results. We printed on silk, cotton and paper.

Hope you have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Preparing for a Day of Silk Screening

My local group is going to be doing a day of silk screening at my house soon. So my friend Barb and I made some print paste and made some screens for deconstructing. The photos aren’t the best but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

These are the three screens. The one on the left was done with pine needles for texture. The middle one was stamped with three different foam flower stamps. And the last one was done with a syringe and drawing on the screen. I just realized when I looked at the photo that I forgot to add vertical squiggles on one of the lines. Oh well. I guess that’s a design feature.

This is the paper that I put beneath the pine needle screen to take up any excess dye. Once we pulled the screen off the paper, we turned the pine needles over and printed with them on to the paper. I really like how these turned out. Now to let everything dry. Some of the print paste is pretty thick on the screens so it will take a while to dry. But the meeting isn’t until the 11th so I have plenty of time.

Screen Printing Results

Our local group met today and we worked on shibori. I’ll post about the shibori session on the Felting and Fiber Studio site in a week or so. But I did get some photos of the favorite pieces from the screen printing party.

Sally Glutting with Screen Printed Fabric

Here is Sally with her favorite piece.

Screen Printed Fabric by Sally Glutting

And a little better view of the piece. It has some really nice background details that almost look like water or a lake with trees in the background.

Paula Rindal with Screen Printed Scarf, Nuno Felted in Center

Here’s Paula with her screen printed scarf. She nuno felted the center section and is meant to be a head scarf. The screen that she used was one of my fabric lamination screens.

Louise Barker with Screen Printed Fabric

And this is Louise with her screen printed piece. She has it wrapped around a board. She is thinking of adding some stitching and then covering it with a cold wax technique.

Screen Printed Fabric by Louise Barker

Here’s a closer view.


And here’s a little fellow that came to visit me when I was working this morning.


He/she was right outside my window.


Trying to find something tasty out in the cold, cold weather we are having. Hope you have a nice weekend!