More Color Studies

I’m still doing a few more color studies. I learn more each time I do one so it couldn’t hurt to keep going 🙂

First I did another color overlay starting with yellow-orange and yellow fabric as a base. I then used polyester sheers over top. I like the subtle changes that you get with this.

Next up, I wanted to try a monochromatic piece with a variety of different fabric. So this is the result. Do you like it better with the uneven edges or cropped? Right now I have just left the uneven edges as they are. I think it gives it a bit  more interest.

Have a good weekend!

Dyeing More Fabric

I’m a bit late getting this posted but I did some dyeing on Friday. I finished all my color wheel dyeing and now wanted to do some black and grey fabric as well as mixing it into other colors.

Here’s the page in my sketchbook that shows the dyes painted on paper. I then added a small swatch of one of the fabric types that I dyed with that color. The blue-green, blue and green all turned out very similar colors in the fabric.

And here’s the selection of fabric that I dyed with these colors. These are a fun selection of colors that resulted. I am sure I will be using them soon in more color studies.

Color Overlays and More Color Studies

I have been still working on color studies but with the holidays, I didn’t get a lot done. The one above is hand stitched with satin stitch.

And here is the machine stitched one for this week. It was hard to get a good photo especially since it seems to be dark here most of the time.

Then I did some color overlay exercises. These are done with a variety of sheer fabrics.

These are also really hard to take a photo of especially in the low light.  So the colors aren’t really true here.

These are interesting to do as the sheer fabric doesn’t always look like you think it will when you put it over a different color. But it’s fun playing with color. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

Three More Color Studies

I am getting to the end of my list of color studies. I just have a few more to complete. These are the three I did this week. I am down to the 6 colors in a composition and the more colors added, the more difficulty I have with proportions and making it look like something other than a jumbled mess of color.

So I often fall back to what I might see in nature to get all the colors in. But I wanted to do one that was not a landscape.

So this is the result. I am happy with it even though It took quite a while with the layout of fabric. I used a linen hand dyed thread to stitch it all together.

And here’s the machine one for this week. The colors are a little off though in this photo.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas!

Three More Color Studies

I finished three more color studies this week. I think there are six more to complete and I will have covered all the color schemes on the list of homework.

This one took a while as it is hand stitched with tons of yarns and threads. Now that I look at it, I think it could use just a bit more yellow. The yellow is the background fabric peeking through

I really didn’t have a good plan for this one. I decided to try another machine cut back applique and just follow the lines of the dye on the top green fabric. That dragonfly shape was in the dye pattern. It needs a bit more contrast in value. I was thinking of using some machine stitched “leafy” thread lace over the top. What do you think?

This is my favorite one this week. It has some really dark fabric in it and so it is really hard to photograph. It looks better in person.  Now on to more colors!