Aspen Alpenglow

I have been doing some research online about various printmaking techniques. I want to try a reduction linocut but I didn’t have time to do that today. But I did learn about monotypes and decided to try one today. I started with an already gelli printed paper that looked vaguely landscape and cold.

I then placed the colored paper face down on a printing plate coated with open Golden paint in Alizarin Crimson Hue. I then drew on the back side of my paper to give the tree shapes. I used my finger to suggest a horizon line with dark mountains. It was actually pretty ugly when I pulled up the print. But most of the sites talked about enhancing or embellishing with further techniques over the monotype. So I decided I would try to paint the negative spaces and push some of the trees into the distance. I used blue watercolor for this and it worked great. I then added just a few more details with the water color and called it done. The camera had a hard time with the photo, it looks better in person and I’m pleased with the results. I will definitely have to try some more of these.


Birthday Cards

I spent nearly all day today photographing my artwork from my art and design course. I set up the fancy lights and the tripod for the camera. I felt like a took a gazillion photos. I will show you some of them as I get them edited. I did need to get some birthday cards made so I can show you those.

Here’s the first one. It’s a piece of screen printed paper made with deconstructed screen printing.

Here’s one with a pine cone that I stenciled on to screen printed paper. This is one of my own stencils.

The last one is some paper that I created when I was using up paint from my palette. Hopefully, everyone will like their birthday cards. My cards are never very “birthday” like but hopefully people appreciate that they are getting a one of a kind card. Have a good weekend!

Mr Turkey

I was out taking photos of my final class project and this guy strolled by. He looked so good against the fall colors that I snapped a few photos.

And here he is from the other direction. He was making all kinds of noise, I think he had lost the rest of his family and was calling for them.

I worked on my final project for class all day today. It is nearing completion and although it was looking pretty grim in the middle of the process, I am liking it better now. It was one of those projects that I had to keep adding layer upon layer upon layer. Have a great weekend!

Texture Pieces and Another Box

I created these textures pieces quite a while ago and I can’t remember if I showed you these or just part of them. We are now considering what pieces we will exhibit and which of these pieces go together. Part of my homework is to cut black foam core board to mount these pieces.

The photos aren’t the best because the light was going when I took these. But you get the idea. The colors on a lot of these are off. For example, the aspen leaves look like they are on black but that is really dark blue.

I finished my second box. It’s fairly simple but I wanted to highlight the yupo paper that is covered with ink. I had to find a little light to go inside. I tried a battery operated tea light but it made a round circle of light on the top of the box. So I went to the hobby store and bought a miniature “ceiling light” that is battery operated. It’s an LED light but it’s inside a white globe so the light is more diffuse.

Here’s the box in the dark. The yupo paper is green but in the dark it just glows yellow to the camera’s eye. But I think you get the idea.


Leather Box with Copper Inlay

One of our challenges for homework this time is to cover two boxes. One is to have a traditional design and the other can be anything. I decided to use some of my leather paper to cover one box.

I had a roll of very thin copper sheet that I embossed with Celtic designs. I thought Celtic would fit the traditional design category. I then used liver of sulfur to discolor the really shiny copper. Here’s the top of the box.

The copper had very sharp edges so I decide to cover the edges with “padded leather”. I used some fun foam for that. All the box sides have the same design.

And the inside is covered with “leather” too. I am pleased with the results although it did take a bit of time to complete. I am now working on the second box. But it isn’t finished yet. So I’ll show that one later.