Tarragon Eco Print Sketch

I have a bunch of eco prints that need some line or color added to them. One is a print of tarragon that didn’t really turn out all that well so I decided it could use some work.

Here you can see that I am working on the bottom half. The eco print was pretty blurry and so I used a permanent marker in sepia to add in details.

Here’s the entire piece. You can click on the photos to see them larger.

Here’s a little closer view of the top half.

And the bottom half. I like the results. Now I just need to decide how to frame it.

And I thought you might like to see the bedspread that we found for the newly painted room that I showed you last week. We also found matching lamps and bedside tables. So it is complete except I need to take the old fabric off the headboard. I might add gray fabric or I might just add a little bit darker stain to match the bedside tables a bit more. I am happy it’s almost done!


Since I recently painted at the store, I had left over paint that needed to be used. So I have been painting at home. I painted the guest bathroom and bedroom. The paint color is called silver marlin and is a soft grey. Then once, I repainted, I needed to change the colors that were in the bedroom. Still working on getting all the pieces together. But yesterday I recovered the cornice boards over the windows.

Here they are recovered. The fabric is a tweedy grey and tan.

In this photo you can see the old fabric that is still on the headboard in the right hand lower corner of the photo. The doors all need to be repainted in the house too. I am going to get those repainted this summer. The original paint in the house was really cheap and I asked for the trim and the doors to be painted white. I should have specified semi gloss white because the builder just painted everything in the house the same color of “wheat” that I had chosen for the walls. So we’re gradually repainting the entire house. In case you’re wondering, the house was built in 2002 so it has taken a while.

And this shows you the fabric a bit better. Next, I need to find a bedspread in grey, tan and brown with a bit more pattern in it. Then if we can find a couple of night stands, I will paint the headboard to match the night stands and the room will be complete.

And I painted one more set of papers for my Level 3 Art and Design class. These are the tints and shades of diarylide yellow. I had done yellow oxide but it really isn’t a true yellow orange so I wanted to have painted papers in a true yellow orange.



I realized that I haven’t posted about the stripe study I have been working on for Level 3 Art and Design. I have many more than these photos but I thought I would just show you a few today. I have been using a variety of media to depict stripes.

This one is created from a gelatin plate print that was cut into strips and applied to a painted background. I wasn’t thrilled with the print as it seemed a bit too busy. But I like it better as stripes on the calmer painted background.

This one is done with colored and black markers. Hubby thought it looked like striped tornadoes. It was fun to draw but took a while.

This last one is one of my favorites. It was painted with watercolors on a wet background. The photo looks more orange than the original. I will have to see if I can get a better photo with better light. It’s amazing the variety of stripes that you can create and how different they can look.

Playing with Plaid

This week for Level 3 Art and Design homework I have been playing with plaid. I started by finding some examples online and then doing a “copy” of that style of plaid. Then I started branching out a little.

Here are some of my plaid samples. They are a combination of paint and markers. The ones towards the left and top are less formal plaid styles and were fun to do. I’m not all that good at doing really even lines and symmetrical work. I like less symmetrical.

Then I decided to make a little concertina book in plaid. I used tape to mask off the white paper first and then added plaid over top of the tape in blues and greens. Then I removed the tape and folded the concertina book. The book is 4.5″ x 3″ made from a 9″ x 12″ page. Not sure what I’ll do with it but I like it.

And here are two more collages using complementary painted pages. I thought I would try a little weaving. So it definitely fits in with the plaid theme.

I was going to use both of these woven pieces on one collage but it was way too busy so I did two. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Store Makeover and Monochromatic Collage

This week I and a team of elves repainted the entire store and did a store makeover. It was tons of work and isn’t quite finished as we haven’t hung all the artwork back up on the walls. If you’d like to see before and after photos as well as in process photos, check out our Instagram posts for the week. The post that has a little square up in the right hand corner is when we were finished and has three photos to see. Follow us on Instagram to see more photos of what’s happening at The Purple Pomegranate.

I still have more collages to make so now that I have finished the exhaustive makeover, I had a little time to make another collage. This one is a monochromatic color scheme, still using squares, lines and rectangles. I was cutting off the edges from the painted notebook papers and decided to make use of the edges.

I started gluing the strips down with a variety of light to dark values in my yellow oxide color.

Once I had them glued across the page, I decided to add in a few more pieces from each side. I forgot to take a photo when these got completely glued down.

I decided I needed a bit more of a focal point so I thought I would add in some small squares. I tried them in different combinations and decided on the one on the far right.

And here’s the finished piece. Next up is a monochromatic scheme but adding a very small amount of the complementary color. So another yellow oxide but it will have a touch of blue violet.