Repeating Patterns in a Circle

I had a few questions last week about how the repeating patterns in the circles work.

Here are a few of the patterns that I used.

Can you pick out which pattern goes with which design?

Here’s a couple I did this week. Thirds and fourths of a circle instead of sixths. Hope you have a good weekend.

More Circular Designs

I’m still working on more designs that repeat in a circular format. These are all circles that started split up into a 6th of the circle.

It’s always interesting to me to see how the overall pattern turns out.  If the edges of the design touch the edge of the 1/6 pie shape, then they connect in your final design. This design started very linear and ended up looking like a large flower. It’s colored with markers.

I purposely colored this one to give it a floral look. I’m sure it would change dramatically with a different color scheme. The color is added with colored pencils with this one.

This design looks almost like it was created in thirds but it started as a 1/6 pie shape as well. This is colored with black markers of different tip widths.

And here’s the last one. It is a colored in with gel pens. I’m just trying out a variety of media with these. Next I’m moving on to 1/4, 1/3, 1/8 and 1/12 pie shapes. It’s amazing the variety of designs you can create with this technique.

Color Finding

Part of my homework for Level 3 Art and Design is to work on color finding. Mainly, I am supposed to do this with colored pencil but I’m using other media as well. I take something from nature and then try to replicate the exact color with layers of colored pencil. I find this exercise quite a challenge.

Here are four that I did in class. It’s really hard to get the correct color let alone the right value. And there are so many different greens to choose from.


So on my daily walks, I pick up something small to sketch and to find the colors. This one is a tamarack pine. It’s a pine tree that loses its needles in the fall, they turn a golden, almost yellow orange color in the fall and then drop off. While I was visiting New York City, I visited a small shop called CW Pencils. It was a delightful shop and I purchased some water soluble graphite pencils, a stub holder and a pencil sharpener. The sketch of the tamarack is done with water soluble graphite pencil. I did add a bit of water to the stem but left the needles alone.

The next try was lichen on a small branch. It’s hard to see the colors on this one but they were pretty close. It’s just there is so much darkness in between the little lichen bits it’s hard to see. I did the sketch with sepia pen and white colored pencil. This was about filling in the negative space with the dark background and leaving the lighter spaces with just a little bit of color.

And this is the one I did this morning. It is done with permanent ink pen and water color. I am really enjoying getting back into a better habit of sketching and finding color in nature. I’m also working on circles and octagons but I’ll show those next time. Have a great weekend!

Circle Design

I started on my homework from my Level 3 Art and Design class. We are developing repeating patterns in circles.

This is my first attempt. I tried to emphasize the feather like part of the design and less of the flower shape. Still really see the flower shape mainly. I’ve got lots more of these to try. Have a great weekend.

Second Session of Level 3 Art and Design

I attended the second session of Level 3 Art and Design at Gail Harker Creative Studies Center.  It was a great 5 days and I have lots of homework and further investigations into design to work on. On the first day, we have tutorials where Gail goes over our past homework with us. While she’s doing that, we all worked on a variety of paper weavings.

This is the first one I created. For all of you who always ask what I’m going to do with screen printed paper, all the paper used in this piece were screen printed.

This second piece has hand painted papers, marbled paper and “leather” paper that I made in a class years ago. I’m calling it “Think Like a Tree”.

And here’s the last one I finished in class. I am going to try a few more of these with other techniques that we learned plus I will be showing you lots of new homework over the next few months. So stay tuned!