Adding to Prints

I had a mammoth printing session today but didn’t get any photos yet. It’s too dark now so I’ll show you what I have done with a few of the prints I made in class.

This one combines several different prints together.

All of the trees and branches in this piece are supposed to be gold. But of course the golds don’t match as well as I would like. I may have to add something else to this, not sure yet.

This is my favorite one so far. I like the change in the background color and the whites match! Hope you have a good weekend.


Art Scrap Cards and More Stamps

I have gotten a bit behind schedule with my class homework but had a full day today to work. So I glued my collages that I have started and carved a couple of stamps. I made these “Art Scrap Cards” last week but didn’t get a chance to show you. These are made from gelatin plate prints and acrylic skins.

We are going to sell these cards (my art group) with a donation of a portion of the proceeds going to the Humane Society. We’ll see how that goes. We’re using “scraps” from other projects to create the cards.

And here’s a couple more stamps I carved today. The leaf one is to go with my two tree stamps. The bark is mainly for texture and I’m looking forward to printing with these. Perhaps I will get time for a printing session next week. Have a good weekend.

Fused Paper/Fabric

My art group got together last week and made fused paper/fabric. This is a different technique than the paper fabric lamination that I do. This one involves using fusible and ironing the paper and the fabric together. We also added Pearl Ex Powders to get a little bling and glam.

Here’s Deb working on her creations. Somehow, I didn’t get any photos of her finished pieces. Sorry Deb!

Here’s Louise and Sally working away.

These two are Louise’s creations.

These are Sally’s creations. Doesn’t that middle one look like a birthday party?

Here are mine. I was planning on using these for some of my collages for class homework so I made some “matching” pieces that go together.

But when I started making collages, I didn’t end up using the pieces I thought would go together. Here’s one that hasn’t been glued together yet.

Here’s another collage I did. The background is stamped and painted fusible adhered to black paper. I cut the leaves from my other piece of fused paper/fabric.

Thanks once again for stopping by, leaving comments and cheering me on in my fiber art pursuits. I appreciate everyone’s compliments and suggestions. I hope you and yours have the best of holidays and a creative New Year.



I promised to show you some of the prints that I created from the rubber stamps that I carved in class. I didn’t include all of them because there were loads of prints. We spent one full day creating prints.

The one on the left is the first tree stamp that I created. The photo on the right is both stamps combined. I wanted to get a variety of tree branch size and give it some depth. I was happy with how the two stamps combined into one print.

Here are some other prints I made with the tree stamps.

This one was from a texture stamp I created. I had no idea I was creating a landscape until I printed it.

Here are some of the ideas for using the little stamps.

This is the round stamp that I started with just to practice my carving skills. I like the layered look of this one.

This one is gold ink over a mottled background with a texture stamp. Now I have to decide how I am going to extend or add to these prints as well as including them in collages. Lots of homework between now and March. I better get busy!

Home Again

I made it home in one piece, we won’t discuss the GI issues with the dog. I had a great time at Level 3 Art and Design. It’s hard to believe that we have completed session 4. Only 4 more sessions to go.

These are the stamps that I cut in class before I used any of them for stamping. It was interesting to design the stamps. Especially the tree stamps that were made to work together. I will show you some of the results later in the week.