More Sketches

We went on a trip this past week to Oregon for the graduation of Dennis’s granddaughter. Loads of driving since Dennis couldn’t drive yet due to the broken shoulder. But I did it and even had some time for a few sketches while we were there. We stayed in a cabin on a cattle ranch so these are a few scenes from the cabin.

We had a wood stove and it was chilly so we even started a fire in the stove one night.

This was the lamp above the kitchen table. I used sepia markers for this one and worked on hatching and cross hatching techniques.

And there was a taxidermy deer for decoration. This one is a pencil sketch and turned out better than I thought it would.

Before we left, I took Dennis to church. This is Trinity Lutheran Church in Kalispell, Montana. While he attended church, I sketched and then added watercolor. I didn’t really have enough time to get it completely finished but it came out OK.

Now off to work on finishing up my nuno felted landscape series. I have been blogging about those over on The Felting and Fiber Studio if you haven’t seen them.


Maple Leaf Sketch

Here’s another sketch that I worked on this week. I painted the leaf with watercolor and then added colored pencil on top.

The colors are a bit off in this photo, a little more green to the leaf. I still think I need to improve the blending of colored pencils to get the right effect. I think the next one like this I will try on smoother paper to see if that makes a difference.

Have a great weekend!

Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming Soon

I have been pretty busy over the last several weeks and haven’t been able to post like I would like to. But I am back in town, back from class, no longer have company or big parties scheduled so I can breathe a little and post a bit more regularly.

Here’s a small sketch that I did over the last several days. I found these pods on a tree in Idaho while we were traveling to my recent Art and Design class. Not sure what they are called but they are really light and fall apart easily.

Class was fun. We created bunches of samples using a variety of mediums to create textures. And I have lots of homework. So more soon! Off to the football game in Missoula tomorrow, Go Griz!

Sketches and Color Finding

I’m still trying to make time to sketch a bit every day. The every day thing isn’t working out but I am getting two or three done per week. Also still practicing the color finding with colored pencils.

This is a sketch of a wild lupine in standard pencil and the leaf with the colored pencil beside it. Greens are still really hard to do.

Here’s a different green of the snow on the mountain leaf. The sketch was done with water soluble graphite pencils. This one took several days to complete as I only have 10 or 15 minutes in the morning before I go to work.

Here’s a dried up leaf that I did this morning with watercolors and permanent pen. I had more time today to try to get a bit more detail into the sketch. I had a bunch of dried leaves but decided to start with just one.


Wild Clematis

I am seeing lots of wild clematis on my morning walks. I took a bunch of photos and decided to do a watercolor sketch in my sketchbook.

The leaves don’t really look like this in the wild, mainly you just see the flowers and vines. But it needed some leaves so I just added them in from a different photo.

Another item of note, we finished our ski chair this afternoon. I will be posting about it soon over on the Felting and Fiber Studio so you can see the finished chair and hopefully see it in its location for the summer before the auction. Have a great weekend!