Wild Rose

I am still working 7 days per week at the store so my creative time is severely diminished. But I am still taking a few minutes each day to do something. It’s easy when life gets in the way to not take any creative time for yourself, but I find that you can squeeze a few creative minutes into each day. It keeps me sane 🙂

I have been seeing a lot of wild roses on my morning walks in the woods so here’s a watercolor and colored pencil representation. I considered doing more with the background but decided to leave it as is.

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I haven’t had time to do much artwork this week. I have been working every day at the store due to employee issues. The joys of being a small business owner.

I did create a small watercolor painting in my sketch book of a lupine. These are blooming now up in the woods. Hopefully, I will be back to my regular schedule by the end of next week.

Lino Carving, Fireweed and Robin’s Nest

I am working on some new lino prints. I want to layer several designs on top of each other. I have printed a few plain backgrounds and I’m now working on the second layer lino blocks.

These are three of the designs for the second layer. I have several more designs. Then I have created the designs that will be printed on top of these prints. I still have a lot of carving to do before I can show you any prints.

Here’s a watercolor of a fireweed plant. I thought I would do something for the background but I think I will just do another one with a background. This is done in watercolor.

And we had these baby robins up under our gutter on the back of the house. They have flown away now. When I saw the size of the babies, I couldn’t believe they even fit in the nest.

Packing for Exhibition and a Sketch

I spent most of the day packing all my stuff up for my last art and design class and exhibition. I was trying to keep the amount down but I am not sure how well I succeeded.

Here’s the pile of stuff I am taking. Of course this doesn’t include any clothing or personal items. Just art stuff. The pile is at least four feet tall. Hopefully, everything will fit into the truck!

Here’s a sketch I drew last week. It is of a succulent plant that is in my window. I wanted to highlight just the plant. And I used a water soluble graphite pencil for this one. I like the smooth tones it gives you when you wet it down with a brush.

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River Rocks Complete

I finished up the river rock painting. I sprayed it with fixative (Thanks Paula!) and then did more painting on top.

So here’s the piece with water added. I had to do several layers to get the shadows and the highlights working better. But I’m pleased with the outcome. Painting water is hard!

This ruffed grouse was in the choke cherry tree behind our house. My brother-in-law got a great photo that I used to sketch by. He or she has some beautiful feathers and after sketching him/her, I can see why the name is Ruffed Grouse. He/she definitely has a ruff around his/her neck. And this bird is hefty! It’s in the same family as chickens and he/she did look like a chicken in the tree.

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