The Ties That Bind Exhibition

Yesterday afternoon, Deb, Dennis and I went to the exhibition opening of The Ties That Bind at The Bigfork Art and Cultural Center. The exhibition is open until September 28th so if you are in the area, go check it out! My local art group members all had entries into the show.

These are Deb’s entries. She uses mixed media and hand stitching to create her work.

Here are Louise’s pieces. She uses a variety of methods such as rust dyeing, eco printing and other dyeing processes.

This is a photo of Paula’s work. She used a variety of ink and paint on paper and fabric.

Here’s my work. These are wool paintings with hand and machine stitching.

And last, but not least, these are Sally’s. Sally is an art quilter, the one on the top left includes rose petals behind sheer fabric.

I didn’t take photos of the entire show but there is some other cool work. Our group is having another exhibition next month at The Purple Pomegranate in conjunction with Whitefish Gallery Nights.


Ceres Bakery Eco Print Show

Our little group has a small show at the Ceres Bakery in downtown Kalispell. I wrote a much longer post over at the Felting and Fiber Studio which will be up tomorrow. So go over there for more details.

Here’s my section of the wall. If you’re in the area, please go and check it out.

Another Machine Stitched Book Page

I’m still working on my machine stitch class, taking lots of photos, editing etc. I haven’t started the videos yet, so a long way to go. Have a good weekend!