Buds Layered Linocut Prints

Here are the last set of the layered linocut prints I have been working on for a while now.

These are the buds on a tree limb design over the previously printed layers. On the bottom two, I decided to see how I like adding more of the background texture. I don’t mind the background texture but it needs to cover the entire print. So no more cutting off the edges of the linoleum block. I think I will go with background texture so that I don’t have to worry about little smudges here and there that always seem to show up even when I try to prevent them.

And here’s two more on painted paper. I have tons of painted paper in my stash so I need to be using some of that up. Another printing session happening soon!


Aspen Layered Linocut Prints

Here are the aspen linocut layered prints that I have been working on lately.

These are on previously layered and printed paper. I have been using Strathmore printmaking paper and Speedball Professional inks. I am still working on getting clean prints. Next time that I carve the black design, I will leave the linoleum the same size as the other prints. I thought it would help to cut off around the edges to have less mess. But then you just get lines around the cut edge. I would rather have “artifacts” over the entire print and make it look deliberate. Plus I needed to use less black ink on these. They got a bit messy to say the least.

Here’s a couple more prints on painted paper. The one on the right is watercolor paper so it has much more texture than the printmaking paper or the sketchbook paper. It gives a totally different looking type of print. But I like the texture actually.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Layered Linocut Printing

I finished all my top layer lino cut blocks for my layered lino printing. So today I printed the top layer.

I started out with this one as a test run. It is on rough watercolor paper so it doesn’t print evenly but it worked OK.

Then I printed on my previous two layers and I am pleased with the results. I still seem to get ink everywhere and I’m not a tidy printer. But the plans are to crop these and use them as cards.

I also used a couple of previously painted papers and I like these too. I will show you the two other sets in upcoming posts. Now, I can do some more layered printing with different colors. Fun, fun, fun!

Floral Linocut

I finished the floral linocut I was working on. Now I have one more to complete of an aspen tree and I will be ready to finish my layered prints.

Here is the linocut completed. I inked it with blue ink and tried a test print to see if I needed to carve out more of the background.

Here’s the test print. I did carve a bit more from around the stems of the flowers but there will still be some background “noise” with the prints. I am really looking forward to finishing these. It’s taken me longer that I would have liked due to my work schedule being thrown for a loop but I will get there eventually. How is your summer going? It’s finally warmed up here and we’re enjoying some sunshine.

Order from Sulky and Another Linocut

I got my order from Sulky today. I needed to replace some of my 30 weight cotton threads as I had run out of several colors. And while I was there, I added some thread colors that I didn’t have. How could I resist?

Here’s the colors I got. I know there are a bunch of dark colors but those are the ones I seem to run out of easily. I always need those darker values and don’t seem to have enough. I also ordered some of their Sticky Fabri Solvy. I have used the plain Fabri Solvy quite a bit but I thought this one would be useful for it’s sticky quality. I am planning on trying out some new ideas with this soon.

I worked on this linocut today but didn’t get it finished. These detailed ones take a bit more time to carve. I also worked on some felting today but you will have to take a look at my next post on The Felting and Fiber Studio to see that.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.