More Stamps and a Drawing

I have been traveling over the last week so haven’t gotten much done. But before I left, I did carve a few more stamps. I finished up the birch one today but haven’t gotten to print with any of these yet.

Here’s the stamps. The ones on the left are ogee shaped. The are meant to be a repeating pattern that fit together. The one on the right is a birch tree from a sketch I did several years ago.

I tested the ogee stamps with an ink pad in my sketch book. the two on the bottom are actually a stencil I created. I didn’t have time to test the birch one yet.

While I was riding in the car to Philadelphia, I did a small sketch in my travel sketchbook. I used markers first for the background colors of the leaf and then I added in the details with colored pencils. I really like this method because the markers cover the white of the paper and you don’t have to do so many layers with the colored pencil to cover the white background. I don’t care for how the shadow turned out but since it was an experiment, I am not going to spend much time worrying about that. I will definitely being trying this technique again.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Art Scrap Cards and More Stamps

I have gotten a bit behind schedule with my class homework but had a full day today to work. So I glued my collages that I have started and carved a couple of stamps. I made these “Art Scrap Cards” last week but didn’t get a chance to show you. These are made from gelatin plate prints and acrylic skins.

We are going to sell these cards (my art group) with a donation of a portion of the proceeds going to the Humane Society. We’ll see how that goes. We’re using “scraps” from other projects to create the cards.

And here’s a couple more stamps I carved today. The leaf one is to go with my two tree stamps. The bark is mainly for texture and I’m looking forward to printing with these. Perhaps I will get time for a printing session next week. Have a good weekend.

Valentine’s Cards

I needed to make a Valentine’s card for hubby and so I decided to make a bunch at once. Then I can sell the rest at the store. And they will work for just “love” cards and not just Valentine’s so hopefully they will sell year round.

Making Cards

I didn’t get any photos of the gelatin plate printing process. I was in such a hurry to get the cards done that not many photos got taken. But I made several masks of hearts with the hot glue gun. Then I printed away with a variety of reds, pinks, whites and purples. The metallic paint makes it a little hard to get good photos, sorry.

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So here they all are and hope your Valentine’s Day was sweet!

Water Lily Stencils

I made another stencil today. This one is of a water lily. I got the design from a photo I took at the Botanical Gardens in NYC. I turned the photo into a black and white rendition and played around a bit with it in Photoshop. Then I used it to design this stencil.

Water Lilly Stencils

I made the stencil in two parts so it would be easier to use two different colors. I had some previously screen printed paper from a session of deconstructed screen printing. So I used that for the background.

Water Lily Stencil in My Sketch Book

And here’s my rendition of a water lily. I liked how it came out on the background as the blue tended to affect the white paint and give it more depth. So I cut it to fit into my sketch book and added it to a page that was already colored in my sketch book. It’s like I planned it 🙂

Trying a Photo Transfer on a Gelli Plate Print

I saw a video about doing photo transfers on to previously printed colored paper from the Gelli plate prints. So I thought I would give it a try. The video showed transferring photos of people’s faces but I decided to try a photo of branches against a winter sky. I did have to fiddle around with the photo to get it more black and white and then I printed it on regular computer paper. I then put matte medium on the photo and on to the printed gelli print. After messing around with getting rid of the extra computer paper with water and rubbing, I finally got it to work. Here’s the card I made.

Gelli Print Card with Photo Transfer

I really like the photo so I think I will try making a few more of these. Hopefully, the process will get better with a little practice. Have a good weekend!