Birthday Cards

I spent nearly all day today photographing my artwork from my art and design course. I set up the fancy lights and the tripod for the camera. I felt like a took a gazillion photos. I will show you some of them as I get them edited. I did need to get some birthday cards made so I can show you those.

Here’s the first one. It’s a piece of screen printed paper made with deconstructed screen printing.

Here’s one with a pine cone that I stenciled on to screen printed paper. This is one of my own stencils.

The last one is some paper that I created when I was using up paint from my palette. Hopefully, everyone will like their birthday cards. My cards are never very “birthday” like but hopefully people appreciate that they are getting a one of a kind card. Have a good weekend!


Anniversary Card

Tomorrow is my 18th wedding anniversary so I made Dennis a card. It is from my supply of gelli printed papers. Happy Anniversary to me 😉

Screen Preparations

I mixed up some print paste today to prepare some screens for screen printing next week. Our group is having our annual art retreat and we’re planning to do some deconstructed screen printing. So I completed the first step so it could dry and be ready.

This screen was placed over a gridded packing material. I used a variety of blue and blue green dye.

Then I used red and yellow dye over a textured shelf liner.

The last screen was created over plastic wrap with blue and red to create a variety of colors.

I had leftover dye on the shelf liner, packing material and plastic wrap. So I printed some papers. These will make good papers for collage or for layering further paint or dye on top. I am looking forward to seeing the screen printing results next weekend.

Gelli Printing

I had two people over today so that they could learn how to use a Gelli Plate for printing. I showed a bunch of different techniques to try. One of them printed on paper mainly with stencils and the other mainly on fabric. I of course forgot completely to take any photos while they were here or of their work. But I did take a few photos of some new techniques that I tried.

These first three are done with a combination of alcohol inks and paint. I did more than these but these are my favorites. The alcohol inks dry very quickly and give a different look than the paint alone. Thanks to my friend Paula for letting me borrow her equipment and inks to try this out.

Then I wanted to try using magazine photos for a resist on the Gelli plate. The first one on the left is a failed one but I kind of liked it. It took me a while to get this one figured out. It wouldn’t work with cheap paint. It worked best with Golden liquid paint. The magazine type also makes a big difference too. I had a very poor selection of magazines and even tried a few calendar photos. The bear and the man holding the gun did work. Now that I have figured this out, I’m not sure how I would use these in artwork as I seldom use figures. But I’ll see if I can use them for something.

Then I did several that look kind of like this only in different colors. These are for backgrounds and I do use these in collages quite a bit. If you’re interested in trying Gelli plate printing there are tons of YouTube videos available that explain the process. You can make your own plate but I find the “real” ones well worth the money as they print much better than the homemade ones. It’s a lot of fun and if you give it a try, I’d love to see your results.

More Stamps and a Drawing

I have been traveling over the last week so haven’t gotten much done. But before I left, I did carve a few more stamps. I finished up the birch one today but haven’t gotten to print with any of these yet.

Here’s the stamps. The ones on the left are ogee shaped. The are meant to be a repeating pattern that fit together. The one on the right is a birch tree from a sketch I did several years ago.

I tested the ogee stamps with an ink pad in my sketch book. the two on the bottom are actually a stencil I created. I didn’t have time to test the birch one yet.

While I was riding in the car to Philadelphia, I did a small sketch in my travel sketchbook. I used markers first for the background colors of the leaf and then I added in the details with colored pencils. I really like this method because the markers cover the white of the paper and you don’t have to do so many layers with the colored pencil to cover the white background. I don’t care for how the shadow turned out but since it was an experiment, I am not going to spend much time worrying about that. I will definitely being trying this technique again.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!