New Work to BACC

I took a trip to Bigfork today to drop off some new work for the Christmas season.

I created three new smaller pieces (5″ x 7″) since those seem to sell quickly. This one is called Summer Dreams.

This one is Solitude.

And the last one is Autumn Dreams.

I also took this much larger one (18″ x 24″) called Overlook.

This water lily piece that is called Tranquility (12″ x 12″).

And this piece which is called The Trail of the Cedars (18.5″ x 15.25″).

Here’s a close up of the stitching.

So if you’re in the area and you’re looking for some great gifts, check out BACC in Bigfork, MT.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all staying safe and have a great holiday season!

Ceres Bakery Eco Print Show

Our little group has a small show at the Ceres Bakery in downtown Kalispell. I wrote a much longer post over at the Felting and Fiber Studio which will be up tomorrow. So go over there for more details.

Here’s my section of the wall. If you’re in the area, please go and check it out.

Another Machine Stitched Book Page

I’m still working on my machine stitch class, taking lots of photos, editing etc. I haven’t started the videos yet, so a long way to go. Have a good weekend!

Using Up More Felt Scraps

I wrote a post about my first felt scrap landscape over on The Felting and Fiber Studio blog. I still had lots of scraps left over and some were pretty bright orange and pink. We visited Hawaii last week and those colors reminded me of sunsets.

Background Layout

Here’s the layout I started with for the sunset background. It’s a combination of screen printed, felted and dyed commercial felt.

Layout with Leaves

Then to add some lush greenery. I also wanted to include some fiddle head ferns still all curled up. I started with a light taupe green for these but midway through stitching I changed my mind. I felt the piece needed some darker values. You will see the change from this photo to the end but this was just a basic idea of how it would end up.

Painted Background

This time I decided that instead of using a white background of light weight interfacing that I would paint the interfacing. This is a terrible photo but you get the idea. Then there wouldn’t be any white spots showing through between the scraps.

Background Stitched

I used a zigzag free motion stitch on the machine to hold all the background scraps down. I used a variegated pink, red and orange thread.


You can see a little of the texture in this photo. The orange bits in the middle were not very well felted but the stitching holds it all together.

Hand Stitching Greenery

I then started to hand applique the leaves in place. At first I was planning on stitching them all flat to the background but decided I liked the way it looked with parts of the felt loose or just stitched on one edge.

Matted Finished Piece

And here it is with the matt around it. I definitely will not use the inside blue matt with this but that’s all I had at the moment. You can see the fiddle head ferns got darker in the end. I just cut some thin pieces from some darker felt scraps and then curled the end into a spiral. It was all a bit fiddly with the stitching but didn’t take all that long.

Finished Hawaii Landscape

And here it is framed. Again, not the best photo but you get the idea. It definitely reminds me of Hawaii. Great tropical colors which I don’t use a lot but obviously if I had scraps, then I had used these colors before. Perhaps I just don’t usually use them together? These scrap landscapes are a lot of fun. I still have plenty of more scraps so I think I’ll just keep going. Have a great weekend.







Angelina Challenge

One of the members of my local group got some free packages of heat bondable Angelina and challenged the rest of us to use it in a project. The color she gave us was a “glowing” yellow.  I have two other colors of Angelina fiber in my stash that I rarely use, blue and pink. So I mixed them up in various color combinations, ironed them together and then ironed all the different colors together into a big circle.


So now I had a big sparkly circle of fiber.


Each side looked different depending on how the fiber was mixed together.

Angelina Close Up

Here’s a little closer view.

Angelina Bowl

I then decided to stitch on the Angelina to give it a little more strength. So I stitched in circles and then added some “pleats” to give it shape.

Stitching on Angelina Bowl

I used metallic thread to stitch on the sewing machine. This is so not me.

Angelina Bowl

It still isn’t a very sturdy bowl and my husband says “What would you put in it?” Typical husband question!

Angelina Bowl

But I used up the entire package of yellow Angelina. I still have a lot of pink and blue Angelina left. So it went back in the stash to sit for a while longer. I’ve only had it for three years but luckily it doesn’t go bad. Have a great weekend.

Toad and Totem

I thought you might enjoy seeing this big fella that was outside my door the other night. I hope he’s out there eating all the mosquitoes!


I am a bit behind working on my piece for the Totem exhibition in October. I had an idea but it is a large sculptural piece and I don’t have the supplies to make it. So I decided to go another direction but was having problems thinking what my totem is. I have never really considered that I might have a totem. It is supposed to be an animal or plant that represents your or your clan. But that definition didn’t help much. So what to do. Then I remembered my prehistoric bird doodle. Perhaps that would work?

Ugliest Doodle 14

This is the doodle after I played with a scan of it in Photoshop. It was really quite ugly before that. But I do like the bird now. Kind of a cross between a turkey and an ostrich. I decided to use some screen printed fabric for a background. I found a piece of “acid” green linen to use for the bird body.


The bird body does look more yellow here than green but it is green. I added some tail feathers and I am going to couch down some yarn for his legs.


Here are some more parts of the piece after some free motion machine stitching.


I am going to add a bunch of hand stitching now and see what I come up with. If you have a piece that you’d like to enter into the Totem exhibition, you can find all the information here.