Water, Water, Everywhere

I had company all week long and we were busy skiing and having fun. We skied 30,000 vertical feet on Friday. But I did have a bit of time to work on my homework for Level 3 Art & Design. I’m not sure I followed the directions very well as I was supposed to find the “line” in water. I just ended up drawing water.

It’s a little hard to scan these in as they are pencil drawings. Hopefully, you can see the drawings. You can click on them to enlarge if you’d like. So I started with pencil line drawings.

Then I added in more value changes to the same drawings. I made a bit of an error on the last row as I didn’t put them in the same order. Oops.

I’m still working on this page where I am adding color to the water.

And then I decided to try to stick with more line and less filling in of the entire little block of space. These look so cartoonish to me that I have a hard time with that style. Have you ever tried to draw water?


Missing in Action

I am back home after two weeks of traveling. First we went to Philadelphia for a wholesale buying show for the store. Bought lots of good stuff and the weather in Philly was fantastic. One day it was sunny and 70 degrees, in February. Usually it is cold and dreary when we go. We went down to South Street and saw the mosaics there. Just google South Street Mosaics Philadelphia and you can take a look. I got photos but they are all on my phone and not on the computer. Sorry.

Then we came back home and two days later we drove to LaConner, Washington for the first session of Level 3 Art & Design with Gail Harker. I was really happy to start this class and had a great time. We have 5 people in the class and worked on color, chromatic grays and line. I have lots of homework so I’ll be showing that here. Hopefully, you won’t get too bored.

High Value Chromatic Gray Collage

This is one of the collages that I made in class with high value chromatic grays.

High Value Saturated Color Collage

And another collage that I made with the saturated colors that were mixed into those grays used above. Sorry the photos aren’t the best, it was a little dark here today.

Low Value Chromatic Gray Collage

So I made another collage today with the low value chromatic gray papers that I had painted in class. I have several more of these to do. We are to use squares, stripes and rectangles in these collages. Each collage is 6″ x 6″.

Rainbow of Painted Papers

I painted more paper today for future collages. Here’s my rainbow of colors.

Tints to Shades Primary Magenta

And this is tints and shades painted with primary magenta. Again, sorry the photos aren’t good. Each of these painted pages is 9′ x 9″. I need lots of painted papers for future work in the class. So we are supposed to develop a stash of painted paper. Lots more to do!