Stump Rings Applique Completed

I finished stitching the stump rings piece that I showed the design work last week. It seems a little busy to me but I am leaving it alone for now. I really like how the colors shift into the next and the overall look from a distance. I just don’t care for it up close.

Here it is with cropping. Somehow I ended up with the center of the spirals too close to the center of the piece. The camera has a hard time capturing the sheer fabric and the shift in colors.

Now on to my machine stitch applique piece.

Applique Stump Rings

I am back from my Level 3 Stitch class. The class was great although the return trip was a bit of a struggle due to weather. We sat for two hours on one of the passes due to snow and crazy drivers. But we made it safe and sound.

I started this applique piece in class. It’s based on shapes and rings from stump photos. I have a bunch of those types of photos and this isn’t really one stump, it’s a combination of several. This has been basted down but I haven’t started stitching yet. I have to work out where I want the lines of stitching to go, what color and size of threads to use and what hand stitches to use. Lots of decisions yet before I jump in and start stitching. Hopefully, by next week, I will have made some progress.

Have a great weekend!

I Lied

I told you last week that you had seen the last of the color studies. But I lied.

Here’s one more. I didn’t particularly like my first orange and blue study so I did another one. This has a background fabric of silk noil covered with silk organza. You can’t see it here but I got the pattern of stitching from the pattern of dye on the silk organza. I used stem stitch and did three rows to give it more weight. I was considering filling the blue shape completely in with stem stitch but I like the balance of blue to orange at this point so I think it’s done. So perhaps this is the last one, maybe…

Color Overlays and More Color Studies

I have been still working on color studies but with the holidays, I didn’t get a lot done. The one above is hand stitched with satin stitch.

And here is the machine stitched one for this week. It was hard to get a good photo especially since it seems to be dark here most of the time.

Then I did some color overlay exercises. These are done with a variety of sheer fabrics.

These are also really hard to take a photo of especially in the low light.  So the colors aren’t really true here.

These are interesting to do as the sheer fabric doesn’t always look like you think it will when you put it over a different color. But it’s fun playing with color. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

Stitch, Stitching Away

More stitched color studies, are you getting tired of these yet? I’m still having fun with them and the results are often different then I expect.

These are the two hand stitched ones completed this week. The one on the left needs to be stretched over a board as the fabric is buckling. The one on the right, I made a frame as it had too much blue surrounding it otherwise.

And here are the machine stitched ones. The woven one on the right has too many colors of the same value and the proportions of colors are not working for me.

This cropped version looks better to me, what do you think?

And I had promised to show you some of the fabric I am dyeing. This is last week’s set of blue-green and red-orange. I always have trouble with blue-green. It usually turns out too green even though I add extra blue dye. These fabrics are definitely more blue-green than the green fabric I dyed but still don’t read blue-green on their own. Some of the paler ones have a more blue-green look though. The darker fabrics are neutralized by mixing the two colors together. Always fascinating to see how the fabric turns out though! 😉