Felting Forum Holiday Postcard Exchange

We have a Holiday postcard exchange going on over at the felting forum. Angela from the UK sent me a lovely “card”. Actually it is more of a felt picture as it is bigger than a postcard.

Holiday Felted Picture by Angela

It reminds me of a snowy evening.

Close Up of Felted Picture by Angela

It has wonderful texture.

Close Up of Felted Picture by Angela

And a bit of sparkle which is hard to see in the photograph. I mailed one to Angela at the beginning of the week but I won’t be able to show you that one until she receives it. Thanks Angela – it’s beautiful!


Happy Holidays!

These are a couple of felt scrap ornaments that I made at the last minute. I did add a little loop of ribbon at the top for hanging. They use the same technique as the Felt Scrap Bowl Tutorial that I posted on the Fiber and Felting Studio. Please do check out our new virtual studio and if you’d like to join our forum, just click on the forum button in the sidebar. We welcome anyone interested in any kind of fiber arts as we just aren’t limiting members to felting.

Thanks for stopping by my blog this year, I appreciate all your kind comments. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.