First Day of Nuno Felted Jacket Class

I am in the midst of teaching a nuno felted jacket class at Camas Creek Yarn. We had the first class on Friday and the actually making of the jacket yardage will happen this coming Friday. There is only room for four people in the class as the space is limited for really big projects. Most people need at least three yards.

 Here’s the class room before we started. We talked about nuno felting, design, color and different methods of construction for a jacket.

 Here is everyone working on their 12″x12″ samples. Then we get to do the fun part. Shrinkage and  math!

 This is Debbie’s sample when she started.

 This is Patsy’s sample. She is doing a heavier jacket as compared to everyone else in the class.

 This is Diane’s sample. She is going to make a white jacket.

Here’s Julie doing a bit of rubbing to encourage those wool fibers through the silk. Julie is planning on dyeing her jacket after it’s completely felted.

Next week I’ll show you the jackets when they are nearly finished.

Cocoon Jacket Class

 I taught the second session for the cocoon jackets today. Unfortunately, we had two students that were unable to attend. But Vicki and Diana made two beautiful jackets. Here’s Diana starting on her layout.

 Here are Vicki and Paula perfecting their rolling technique. We did LOTS of rolling.

 Diana is getting her piece warmed up in hot water in preparation for fulling.

 And here she is doing some gently throwing. After lots of work, both of these lovely ladies ended up with absolutely gorgeous jackets. We pinned the shoulder seams together so we could get the fit right.

 And here’s Vicki in her jacket. She added fringe to the ends so the fringe ended up along the shoulder seams and was a great addition.

 Here’s Diana in her jacket. She is wearing it with the silk side out. These are reversible jackets so they can be worn with the wool side or silk side on the outside.

It was a really fun class and we all learned something. Especially about fitting the jackets. Thanks Diana and Vicki for being great students, I had a blast!

Cocoon Jacket Class

On Friday, I taught the first session of the Cocoon Nuno Jacket class at Camas Creek Yarn. I had four students but one had to leave early. We worked on making a sample and then the rest of the day was spent designing, measuring, figuring and deciding what yardage was needed for each jacket.

 There was lots of calculating, measuring, trying on and re-calculating.

 We used newspaper and muslin to make a pattern and to see how the jacket would fit.

 Here is Judy’s sample (not really this green). She is going to make some changes on her final jacket as she didn’t like the dark blue blobs.

 This is Vicki’s sample. She is planning on doing much thinner edges and thinner strips of wool on her jacket.

This one is Diana’s sample. She is planning on dyeing her jacket after it is felted. She used a yellow piece of silk but will be using white on her jacket.

The class meets again in two weeks and we’ll be felting all day. I can’t wait to see the finished jackets 🙂

Nuno Felted Book Cover

 This is a book cover that I made last summer but never finished. It was a practice piece for another project and it just happened to fit my paper stitch book perfectly. The purple portion of the flower is felted to the cover and was a pre-felt. The cover was made with merino and cotton ‘harem’ cloth. The cloth was covered on both sides with wool and a resist was used to make the pocket that the front cover of the book slides into.

 I added hand stitching, mainly button hole and chain stitch. But there are also a few straight stitches and some french knots. The leaves are done with chain stitch used as a filling stitch. It’s still pretty plain and I may add other flowers and leaves at a later date but right now I’m happy with it.

 I added a hook and eye type closure, the kind that is made to go on trousers.

Here’s the inside showing the first page of my stitch book. It’s a little wonky in places but it helps to keep the book closed as it tends to bulge open a bit with all the stitching on the pages.