Little Birds

My brother-in-law is a birder and takes some awesome photos of birds. I decided to use a couple of his photos for inspiration for creating a couple of collages for class.

This one is a real mixed media piece with a bit of collage but mainly paint, pencil and markers. This is a Carolina Chickadee.

And this one is more of a true collage with a painted background. This bird is called a Golden Crowned Kinglet. I don’t think I have ever seen one of these birds in person but I liked how he was hanging on this branch eyeing those new buds. I might have to try a few more birds as I enjoyed making both of these.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend.


Sunrise in the Trees

I finished another collage that I have been working on. It’s a little bit different color scheme than I usually use.

Hubby even noticed the colors and said, “These aren’t colors you usually like.” Pink is still not really one of my favorite colors but I think it works here. Do you have colors that you don’t usually use in your artwork?

Thinking of Spring

I am still wishing for and thinking of spring. It was a little warmer today with a bit of sunshine. However, there are still piles of snow around the house. So I have been doing some studies of wild flowers to pretend it is spring.

I’m not even sure what this flower is but it looks like a dogwood blossom. It grows on the ground and it is not on a tree, so it’s probably called something else. This is a combination of cut paper, some printed, some painted and then additional paint added.

This cut photo collage came about by accident. I was planning on printing some of my wild flower sketches on regular paper and then including them in collages. However, when I printed these, I accidentally printed them on 4″x 6″ photo paper. I didn’t want to waste them and I kind of liked the shiny surface which you don’t usually have with a sketch. So I used the technique that Deb showed our group last September. It involves taping the back side and slicing the photos up with a craft knife. It’s hard to take a photo because of the glare on the photos.

I hope that I start seeing some of these wild flowers soon when I can take my daily walks. Right now everything is mud, snow and slush. Maybe another week and I’ll see if the path is ready for walking. I’ll just have to wear my galoshes.

More Collage

I’m still working on collages, prints, stencils and combining all of them together.

Here’s one that I did today. I am calling it Falling Squares.

Here’s the last leaf. It’s created from all stamped papers.

This one is Tree Mosaic.

You might remember that I made this design for one of our Felting and Fiber Studio challenges based on the Japanese Edo period.

And this is a print embellished with markers. I have to start working on how these will be presented in a notebook. I need to get some sketchbook pages painted to go with these.