Holiday Exchange Card from Ann

At the Felting and Fiber Forum, we have an annual fiber art holiday card exchange. This is the card that Ann sent me.

A beautiful snowy landscape with sheep. Isn’t it great?

And she also sent fiber! Thanks Ann, I really appreciate it and Happy Holidays!


Negative Painting Fall Landscape

I told you last week about a landscape painting that might not be salvageable. The answer for me was to just keep going. I got a little bit lost when I was painting in the tree section and it looked terrible. I forgot to take any photos but decided I would be go back in and add more dark values in between the trees and get that section figured out better.

So here it is after I added in the dark values and worked out which trees were more in the foreground and which were fading back. I could have left it like this but I felt it could be better. Now to determine what it needed. I used my croppers to see which way I liked it.

Did I like it with less sky or no sky at all? Neither of these seemed to have enough contrast and were a bit boring. So I looked back at my reference book Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines by Linda Kemp and decided I would add more sky and show light coming through the trees. I had tried this on my first attempt but didn’t like the results but thought maybe I had a better handle on how to do it this time. So I added more pink sky with a variety of pinkish tones.

Here’s the end result. I think that is a bit more dramatic, certainly not perfect but I learned a lot about negative space painting with this landscape. So the lesson is, keep going and practice, practice, practice. I have relearn that lesson on a regular basis 🙂


Winter Berries

I’m still playing with negative space painting. This was an experiment on a piece of screen printed paper that I had in my stash. It looked very organic to start with so I added some darkness behind the berries and leaves. It has both acrylic and water color paint and the paper was a “mixed media” paper that I have never really liked. And after working on it again, it has reaffirmed that I should never get this type of paper again. The paper feels almost like plastic and has a raised pattern on the surface that is hard to cover. I guess it should have gesso on it to start but since it was already printed, I just went over top of what was there. It is still going to take more practice to really get used to negative space painting. I feel the need to plan more as I have a tendency to get lost in the more intricate details. I painted a second landscape but it is really hideous at the moment and I have to work on it more to see if it is even salvageable.

And the rest of the day was spent packing up to go to my class soon. I have more stuff every time we go. Luckily, there are only 2 sessions left. Otherwise, we might have to rent a U Haul truck to get everything to class.

Negative Space Painting

I got a book from the library today Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines by Linda Kemp. I did a bit of negative space painting on a recent monotype print and liked the results. So I thought I would do some further investigation and try something a bit more complex. I’m still working on a winter theme so decided to try some frost.

I worked on this all day today. You start with the lightest color and then paint the negative spaces increasing the darkness/value of the colors for each layer. So there are four layers of color here. The paint has to be dry in between so I sped up the process by using a heat gun and iron to dry the paper in between layers of paint. It’s an interesting way to paint and you have to keep thinking “backwards” so you don’t paint the wrong bit. But again, I like the results and I think I will try some more of these. Perhaps a winter landscape next time.

Carved Books

I have been working on these carved books as part of my homework for Level 3 Art & Design. Part of our homework was to study various artists that use “cut paper” in their work. I came across Guy Laramee and was inspired by his work. I bought several large reference books/dictionaries from the thrift store. I thought of it as saving them from the landfill. I have never done any “book art” before. So first I carved the books and then I added a variety of paint, acrylic mediums, oil paint sticks. I then further enhanced them with faux leather, burned with a wood burning tool and added free motion machine stitching.

This is the first one that I created. So many people told me that it looked like burned wood that I decided I should do my next one as a fallen tree trunk.

I needed some practice with the wood burning tool so I used the bottom book to try that out as a sample. It looked OK so I covered it with faux leather as well and will use it as a display for the top book.

Here’s my tree trunk book. These were definitely something that I hadn’t tried before and I really enjoyed embellishing them. The carving part, not so much. So these are probably the last carved books I will create. These are some of the photos that I took a couple of weeks ago. I finally got through most of them and edited etc. Nice to have that chore done 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend.