Tree Fragment Series

I created the first two of these “Tree Fragments” quite a while ago and then they just hung around the studio being UFO’s. I was invited to include some of my work in the “Uncommon Threads” exhibit at the Bigfork Cultural Arts Center. It is the same time as the exhibit for Whitefish Gallery Nights that I posted about here. So I needed different work for the Bigfork show. I decided to create one more piece to make this a series. I have created a post about that piece over on The Felting and Fiber Studio which will publish on August 13th. But I will show you the other two pieces here.

This first one is called “Chemo Leaves”. I used a rust printed background and covered a 12″ x 12″ canvas. This pattern was created from the curtains when my husband was taking chemotherapy several years ago. This is a combination of printed, screen printed and machine stitched felt as well as ice dyed cotton fabric.

The second piece is called Aspen Leaves and is created from printed and stenciled felt, iced dyed cotton fabric and machine stitched and painted silk. The background is an eco printed piece from my friend Paula. Thanks Paula!

I tried to fit these into some frames but it didn’t work. So I think they will stay unframed. Now I just need to finish up the backs and put on a hanger.


Glacier Lilies Complete

I finished the Glacier Lilies painting. I added the outlines with a black marker in a “sketchy” fashion. To me that means imperfect lines and going over the line several times. So a bit messy, but overall you don’t even notice that. I also added a bit of yellow ink for highlighted areas.

Here’s the finished piece. You can click on the photo to get a larger version.

And here are a few details so you can see the outlines a little better. It was a fun method of painting by cutting paper resists and stencils plus lots of layers.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend.

Glacier Lilies and Pow Wow

Last week I showed you the start of my Glacier Lilies painting. I worked most of the day on it and I’m still not finished.

I finished cutting out the flower resists. These are on freezer paper so then I ironed them down to the canvas. They didn’t stay completely stuck down but it was enough to hold them in place while I painted over them.

I then used a variety of green paint and sponged over the top of the resists. The photo on the right shows the piece after I pulled off the freezer paper resist.

I then used tracing paper over the canvas and drew in the leaves. The photo on the right shows the freezer paper stencil that I cut to paint the leaves. I used a darker green paint for the leaves and sponged it through the stencil. Then I painted the stems that were still red/purple with a brush.

This is how far I have gotten. Now I want to add some outlines around the flowers. leaves and stems. I want it to look “sketchy” so I’m trying to decide what to use to achieve that effect. I was originally thinking I would use a black marker but maybe I’ll try charcoal or some type of pencil. Any suggestions?

I also promised some Pow Wow photos. I was a little disappointed because there weren’t that many dancers participating. But here are a few of the photos.

Glacier Lilies in Progress

I have been adding layers of paint to this canvas for several weeks now. Now I am working on the design based on Glacier Lily shapes.

Glacier lilies are yellow but I just wanted to use the shapes that I had sketched out over the last few weeks. Some of the shapes are flowers that had just bloomed and others are based on flowers past their prime and wilting. They make really interesting shapes then.

Here you can see how I have some cut out of freezer paper that I will be using as a resist and to the right are some of the different shapes I am using on tracing paper. I did them in different sizes to get a variety of scale. Once I get them all cut out, I need to decide if I have enough flowers. I will be adding layers of green paint over the flower shaped resists and then adding leaves and more stems. Then I will add another layer of paint. So I have a long ways to go yet on this one.

Today we’re going to a Native American Pow Wow. I have lived here for 20 years and never been to one so I thought it would be great to experience. I hope to show you some photos of the bead work and costumes next time.

Avalanche Creek Collage

I created this collage several months ago but I forgot to post about it. It had started out as a collage of poured paint. I was planning on doing layers of paint or other media over the pieces of poured paint. But the only poured paint left is the water. I ended up covering the poured paint with torn paper.

I painted all the paper that was used and the tree leaves are created from rice paper that was painted in a variety of greens. Considering how ugly this was when it started out, it turned out better than expected. The scene is a favorite of mine in Glacier National Park.

Hope you have a great weekend!