Red and Green Value Study

Life has been a bit crazy lately with company, travels and the usual stuff. But I have started on a new set of homework for Level 3 Art and Design. Most of what I’m working on is in some stage of being unfinished. But I did do a value study with some red and green squares that I had cut out some time ago.

I had a lot more dark values than anything but I was able to find a few lighter reds that worked. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!



I got a chance to print a few samples from the stamps I carved and showed you last week.

artwork by Ruth Lane

Here’s one of the ogee stamps repeated. It’s black ink on white paper. I didn’t realize how much fun repeating patterns can be when you get started.

artwork by Ruth Lane

Here’s a black on white print of the birch stamp.

artwork by Ruth Lane

And here I was playing around with collage possibilities. I didn’t end up using this one but I still could as I haven’t used these prints/papers yet. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

More Stamps and a Drawing

I have been traveling over the last week so haven’t gotten much done. But before I left, I did carve a few more stamps. I finished up the birch one today but haven’t gotten to print with any of these yet.

Here’s the stamps. The ones on the left are ogee shaped. The are meant to be a repeating pattern that fit together. The one on the right is a birch tree from a sketch I did several years ago.

I tested the ogee stamps with an ink pad in my sketch book. the two on the bottom are actually a stencil I created. I didn’t have time to test the birch one yet.

While I was riding in the car to Philadelphia, I did a small sketch in my travel sketchbook. I used markers first for the background colors of the leaf and then I added in the details with colored pencils. I really like this method because the markers cover the white of the paper and you don’t have to do so many layers with the colored pencil to cover the white background. I don’t care for how the shadow turned out but since it was an experiment, I am not going to spend much time worrying about that. I will definitely being trying this technique again.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Books Full of Prints

I used up most of the pages I painted last week by filling this notebook with extended prints and collages. I was planning on using the cover I had made a few months ago but the holes were off.  So it ended up being the plain cover on the left. If I have time, I will cover that notebook too. Just have to decide with what. I would like to do a bit of paint pouring on a cover but not sure I have time.

Here are a few of the page spreads. The hardest part is putting them in an order that works with the color on the back of the previous page. I just realized that all of these are tree related but I promise there are other collages and prints that aren’t about trees.

And this is the cover of my larger notebook. This page actually started as a 12″ x 12″ sheet and it needed trimming. I just trimmed where I liked the composition. Then when I was finished with it, I realized it was the exact size to fit correctly on this notebook. I like it when a plan comes together 😉