Another Card and Sketchbook Update

I did actually do some felting today but I’m saving that post for over on The Felting and Fiber Studio next week. I also made a couple of greeting cards with the transfer process that I showed several weeks ago.

Birch Card

The background for the card was from deconstructed screen printing on paper. I think it works well with the birch tree transfer.

Lotus Pod in Sketchbook

This is a sketch that I did when I was out of town last week. Looking at it in the photo, the leaf looks like it needs a bit more work but I like the lotus pod. Hope you have a good weekend.

Printed Roses on Felt

I showed you this print a couple of weeks ago.

Printed Roses on Felt

It was printed on pre felt so I felted it down and then free motion stitched around the roses and stitched in some leaves.

Roses Complete

Here’s the completed piece. I can’t decide how I should “frame” or present it. I kind of like the wavy edges and I think I might attach it to another piece of felt or fabric or on to a canvas. Haven’t found the right color yet though.

Roses Complete Close Up

Here’s a little closer view of the stitching. Have a great weekend!

Water Lily Complete

I finished stitching the water lily piece and got it stapled to the 12″ x 12″ canvas.

Water Lily Complete

I can’t decide if I should put a frame around it or just leave it as is.

Water Lily Side View

What do you think? I am almost finished with the Print, Stencil, Play with Thickened Dye on Felt. I will be making an announcement about the class very soon. Glad it’s finished!

Playing with Thickened Dye on Felt

I am really close to getting my online class finished. I got all the video and photos done for the 4th week. Now I just have to do all the editing and putting bits and pieces together. Amazing how long that takes.

Gelatine Plate Print on Felt

I did some printing on the gelatine plate with thickened dyes on felt. This one was done with one of the new commercial stencils that I got recently.

Print on Plastic

Not sure if you can see this very well but I put the stencil down on the plastic and it gave a wonderful print. Wish I had put some paper under there.

Printed Roses on Felt

And who can guess how this felt was printed? The green and red were printed with different objects, can you tell what they were? Have a great weekend!!

Stamping on Felt and Another Stencil

I’m working on week 3 of my online class which is about stamping on felt. It’s all about how to make your own stamps from a variety of material and then stamping with thickened dye.

This was stamped with a commercial stamp and then over dyed. I am using felt made from prefelt because it’s smoother and easier than making a bunch of hand laid out felt.

This is a sample with a bunch of different stamps on it. Again, this was stamped on white felt and then over dyed.

Poppy Stencil

And this is a stencil that I made last week. I hadn’t tested it out so I stenciled this one with a stamp pad on paper. If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you might recognize these poppies. They are from a sketch I did a while ago. Next up is the “playing” portion of the course and then it will be nearly complete. I think it will run in mid September but I’ll announce it over on the Felting and Fiber Studio once I know the exact date.