More Collage

I’m still working on collages, prints, stencils and combining all of them together.

Here’s one that I did today. I am calling it Falling Squares.

Here’s the last leaf. It’s created from all stamped papers.

This one is Tree Mosaic.

You might remember that I made this design for one of our Felting and Fiber Studio challenges based on the Japanese Edo period.

And this is a print embellished with markers. I have to start working on how these will be presented in a notebook. I need to get some sketchbook pages painted to go with these.


Collages with Prints and Stencils

After my print session, I now have tons of papers to use for collages and I’m trying to come up with different ways to use them. Putting all printed papers together presents somewhat of a challenge. Some of the collages I’m making are just made with printed papers and others include other papers from my stash. It’s a bit of a mess when I have it all spread out on the table making decision on what to use and what not to use. But it’s fun. My least favorite part of making a collage is gluing it down.

This one combines a variety of printed papers and other painting techniques. I think this looks better in person but the camera is having a hard time with the pinks and reds in this one. Plus the light is pretty dull at the moment.

Here’s another leaf/tree theme. All of these papers were printed first and then combined.

If you were getting tired of trees, here’s a very graphic one that is screen printed background, leaves are stamped and the water lily is a stencil. It turned out to be a very graphic style that isn’t my usual but I like the results.

This one started out as total disaster. The center design was stamped on bright yellow paper and was quite ugly. The stamping wasn’t all that good and lots of yellow was showing through. The stamp was solid without any of the center cut outs. So I cut the entire design out of the yellow background leaving some of the yellow edges. Then I cut out the center designs and colored the edges where the yellow was showing through. I did try it out on a totally different background but then I found this one and it was perfect. The background has multiple layers of paint, glazes etc. and I think it started as a screen printed piece of paper. I really like the result of this and if I had tried to get this result, I’m sure I wouldn’t have gone about it this way. That is nice about those uglier prints, you don’t feel the pressure of preserving a “good” print so cutting it up and doing all different techniques to it is just an experiment as you have nothing to lose because it’s so ugly to start with. Not sure why I feel so insecure about those “precious” pieces that I really like. I’m always worried that I’ll ruin them. Do you feel that way too? Perhaps if I just decided they were all ugly to start with I would be more adventurous.

Adding to Prints

I had a mammoth printing session today but didn’t get any photos yet. It’s too dark now so I’ll show you what I have done with a few of the prints I made in class.

This one combines several different prints together.

All of the trees and branches in this piece are supposed to be gold. But of course the golds don’t match as well as I would like. I may have to add something else to this, not sure yet.

This is my favorite one so far. I like the change in the background color and the whites match! Hope you have a good weekend.

Art Scrap Cards and More Stamps

I have gotten a bit behind schedule with my class homework but had a full day today to work. So I glued my collages that I have started and carved a couple of stamps. I made these “Art Scrap Cards” last week but didn’t get a chance to show you. These are made from gelatin plate prints and acrylic skins.

We are going to sell these cards (my art group) with a donation of a portion of the proceeds going to the Humane Society. We’ll see how that goes. We’re using “scraps” from other projects to create the cards.

And here’s a couple more stamps I carved today. The leaf one is to go with my two tree stamps. The bark is mainly for texture and I’m looking forward to printing with these. Perhaps I will get time for a printing session next week. Have a good weekend.

Fused Paper/Fabric

My art group got together last week and made fused paper/fabric. This is a different technique than the paper fabric lamination that I do. This one involves using fusible and ironing the paper and the fabric together. We also added Pearl Ex Powders to get a little bling and glam.

Here’s Deb working on her creations. Somehow, I didn’t get any photos of her finished pieces. Sorry Deb!

Here’s Louise and Sally working away.

These two are Louise’s creations.

These are Sally’s creations. Doesn’t that middle one look like a birthday party?

Here are mine. I was planning on using these for some of my collages for class homework so I made some “matching” pieces that go together.

But when I started making collages, I didn’t end up using the pieces I thought would go together. Here’s one that hasn’t been glued together yet.

Here’s another collage I did. The background is stamped and painted fusible adhered to black paper. I cut the leaves from my other piece of fused paper/fabric.

Thanks once again for stopping by, leaving comments and cheering me on in my fiber art pursuits. I appreciate everyone’s compliments and suggestions. I hope you and yours have the best of holidays and a creative New Year.