Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming Soon

I have been pretty busy over the last several weeks and haven’t been able to post like I would like to. But I am back in town, back from class, no longer have company or big parties scheduled so I can breathe a little and post a bit more regularly.

Here’s a small sketch that I did over the last several days. I found these pods on a tree in Idaho while we were traveling to my recent Art and Design class. Not sure what they are called but they are really light and fall apart easily.

Class was fun. We created bunches of samples using a variety of mediums to create textures. And I have lots of homework. So more soon! Off to the football game in Missoula tomorrow, Go Griz!


Last of the Circles

I have finished all the circles I am going to get completed before returning to class. The notebook is full!

This one is circles within circles and uses several Celtic design that I found online.

This one reminds me of candy. I used some new Stabilo 3 in 1 pencils that I got to see how they worked. They are like a cross between a crayon and a pencil and you can wet them down to get a watercolor effect.

This one reminds me of bubbles. I used a white pen over a colored piece of paper.

This is a card I made today for my friend’s birthday. I had already created the eco print and then used permanent pens and water color to create a bit more depth. I just cut it down and attached it to a card today.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Today I painted some paper using a layering technique with paint brushes, dry brushes and sponges to get some texture for backgrounds. I used a combination of water color and acrylic paint.

Some of these are a bit spotty but they should still work OK for backgrounds.

Some of the paper was wet first and then painted. Others were painted on to dry paper.

This one I painted by dragging a sponge across dry paper. It was painted in two different layers.

This one has multiple layers starting with yellow and adding blues and greens.

This one was done with a small cosmetic sponge so doesn’t have as much texture as the bigger sponges.

The lines are from a dry brush technique just dragging the brush across the paper.

We’re supposed to be working on getting a feeling of movement.

It was fun just to play with paint and be a little looser.

Not sure what all these will turn into but now I have a variety of painted papers to play with. Have a good weekend.


More Circles

Are you getting tired of circles yet? These are ones I worked on this week.

This is a collage that I was working on today. Which background do you like best? I think I’m going for the one on the right. The one on the left is more green than the photo shows but it’s still a bit much of a contrast.

Sorry for the blurry photo, this one is another repeating design. The center is a third of the circle that is repeated and the outside ring is in 1/8 pieces. There are actually two design in the outer circle which I repeated and then flipped over. It’s colored in with gel pens.

And here’s a design based on overlapping circles with lines. I only have a few more pages in my small sketchbook to fill with circles and I go back for my next class in about one month.

More Homework

So I finally decided what to do with the octagons. I glued them on to the blue background but then cut the edge and added the darker purple page behind it in the sketch book.

So here’s the result. It’s OK but not my favorite.

Here’s a couple of hexagons. The one on the left I showed you before but I decided to color it in with metallic gel pens. The one on the right has several layers with pieces glued down and parts cut out to see the page behind.

Here’s a few more circle designs.

This one is a cut paper collage based on tree rings.

This one is done with white gel pen on colored paper. It is repeating circle patterns.

This last one is for the exercise on radiation. I based it on frost. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good weekend!