Getting Ready

It will soon be time again for my art group’s annual retreat. So in preparation, Deb and I started the process for deconstructed screen printing. Deb will be writing a longer post about this over on the Felting and Fiber Studio in September so I won’t show you very many photos but this will give you a taste of what we did this morning.

We had seven screens to cover with dye and a bunch of different things to create texture in the screens. We worked outside since the process is kind of messy.

And here’s some of the screens drying. I am looking forward to how these screens will print. It is always a surprise with deconstructed screen printing as it has a mind of its own.

And while we were outside, I spotted these Columbine leaves turning colors. I love the color combination here. I can always find something inspirational in nature.

Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.



First Time Felting

I was honored when my publisher for The Complete Photo Guide to Felting contacted me and said they were creating a new book from my first book. It’s called First Time Felting.

I just got my advanced review copy in the mail and it’s exciting to see my name on another beautiful book. The bulk of the book is about needle felting but it also has information on wet felting and nuno felting too. So if you’re a beginner and want to learn about felting, this is the book for you. You can pre-order the book now. First Time Felting will be out in September and I hope you will see it in a book venue near you!

The Quarto Group has an entire series of First Time books so take a look if you’re interested in learning something new!


Buds Layered Linocut Prints

Here are the last set of the layered linocut prints I have been working on for a while now.

These are the buds on a tree limb design over the previously printed layers. On the bottom two, I decided to see how I like adding more of the background texture. I don’t mind the background texture but it needs to cover the entire print. So no more cutting off the edges of the linoleum block. I think I will go with background texture so that I don’t have to worry about little smudges here and there that always seem to show up even when I try to prevent them.

And here’s two more on painted paper. I have tons of painted paper in my stash so I need to be using some of that up. Another printing session happening soon!

Aspen Layered Linocut Prints

Here are the aspen linocut layered prints that I have been working on lately.

These are on previously layered and printed paper. I have been using Strathmore printmaking paper and Speedball Professional inks. I am still working on getting clean prints. Next time that I carve the black design, I will leave the linoleum the same size as the other prints. I thought it would help to cut off around the edges to have less mess. But then you just get lines around the cut edge. I would rather have “artifacts” over the entire print and make it look deliberate. Plus I needed to use less black ink on these. They got a bit messy to say the least.

Here’s a couple more prints on painted paper. The one on the right is watercolor paper so it has much more texture than the printmaking paper or the sketchbook paper. It gives a totally different looking type of print. But I like the texture actually.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Layered Linocut Printing

I finished all my top layer lino cut blocks for my layered lino printing. So today I printed the top layer.

I started out with this one as a test run. It is on rough watercolor paper so it doesn’t print evenly but it worked OK.

Then I printed on my previous two layers and I am pleased with the results. I still seem to get ink everywhere and I’m not a tidy printer. But the plans are to crop these and use them as cards.

I also used a couple of previously painted papers and I like these too. I will show you the two other sets in upcoming posts. Now, I can do some more layered printing with different colors. Fun, fun, fun!