Preparing Screens

I prepared a bunch of screens for deconstructed screen printing. We had the printing session this afternoon and I’ll show you results later.

Set up for Deconstructed Screens

I did buy a new screen recently and it’s ready to get for dye.

First Screen

I used a syringe to apply dye to this one. I let if dry and then added some background colors as well. Forgot to get a photo though.

Second Screen

Here’s another one where I used a syringe and a large dry brush to apply dye. Again, I let it dry and added more background color. No photo of this one either.

Third Screen

Here’s one where I used the dry brush only.

Soy Wax Screen

This one I used soy wax on a variety of circular objects.

Soy Wax Screen with Dye Added

I then added dye and let that dry.

Louise's Screen

This is a screen that Louise made. Cool, isn’t it? We had a fun session screen printing today. I have to wash out the fabric before I take photos. Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Embellished Eco Printed Paper

I finally got all the eco prints that I embellished scanned in to the computer. Although these look the same size, some are 5″ x 7″ and some are 4″ x 6″. The smaller ones are the ones that I have signed. I did frame the smaller ones but I couldn’t get good photos with the prints in the frames. So I took them all out and scanned them in to the computer.

I really like adding a bit of color to the natural leaf print colors. And the black outlines seems to make the leaves pop. Now to get some frames for the 5″ x 7″ ones. And I still have some even bigger ones that I haven’t embellished yet.

Purple Carrots Print

I was busy this weekend with University of Montana Grizzly Football and Homecoming. I am not an alumni but it is still a fun weekend. Didn’t get much fiber art done except for making the usual felted cat toys during the two hour car trip down to Missoula.

Purple Carrots

I have framed a bunch of my eco prints that I embellished. I took photos of all 6 but the only photo that turned out was this one. This is the purple carrots print, I added Tombow pen, watercolors and colored pencil. I will try again on the photos of the others and post them later.

Mexican Leaves Collage

This is a piece that I started working on during our recent retreat. I used a color scheme that I saw many times on our visit to Mexico. I also used some ephemera (taxi receipts) from our trip. I glued down the ephemera and scraps of paper to 6″ x 6″ canvases and then added color. I also used a variety of torn gelatin plate printed papers that I created on the retreat.  Then I decided to add the leaf motifs after I got home. I made acrylic skins with pouring medium to create the black outlines. I hadn’t tried that before and would definitely make them thinner next time.

Artwork by Ruth Lane

Here are all three of them together.

The color scheme is not one I would normally use but I really enjoyed using these bright, saturated colors.

Artwork by Ruth Lane

They are on the deeper canvases and were great fun to play with in this smaller size. That way I didn’t feel too intimidated like I do when I try to use a bigger canvas. I have tons more paper to use up so I think I will try some more mixed media collages like this. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Embellished Eco Prints

Here are a few of the eco prints on paper that I did at the retreat last weekend. I added some embellishment with black pen and Tombow colored pens.

I gave these as a small memento to the other group members. I like how the color really changes the look of the eco prints.